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SpotOpp op de Dutch Marketing Technology landscape

Heb je het al gezien?

Naar het voorbeeld van Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape is er ook een overzicht gemaakt van lokale Martech aanbieders.

Hoewel de inzichten van SpotOpp voor verschillende doeleinden in te zetten zijn, is de analysetool in het Nederlandse overzicht in de categorie Product Management opgenomen.

Uit het artikel:

It turns out, 73% of the tools mentioned in the supergraphic are US-based. Why country marketing technology landscapes matter? Creating country landscape is not merely an act of patriotism. It is much more than that. The ultimate goal is to enable every marketer on the planet to do a stellar job supported by technology, without being (too) dependant on their IT department, also with:

1. Local heroes

There are a number of reasons why marketers are forced to look for local tools. For some business models there is a clear need for local relevance, such as helpdesk support in the local language.

2. Hidden gems

A local vendor can outperform a global vendor in terms of tool features and overall tool quality, without even taking into account the superior local relevance mentioned above. Many of us implicitly assume huge global vendors are better than local vendors could be. Because large players have more budget to spend, they usually are better. But not always.

3. Game changers

There might be tools that started an entirely new category of their own. Who knows? Like Salesforce did with the CRM SaaS industry. Or Hubspot with establishing the Inbound Marketing category.

All we know is that the most revolutionary new products don’t always get the recognition they deserve, because they do not always get the podium they need to flourish and serve the Martech community. Country Supergraphics can list also the smaller, under-appreciated local players, hoping to identify the new Salesforce right before they become ‘the new Salesforce’.


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