Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe?

Your data is safely stored at our cloud provider, at a server segment specifically for you, so you can be sure that no one but you can access it. That also means that if you want certain (parts of) information removed from your analysis, you will have to delete them yourself. If you stop using SpotOpp we will delete the entire segment with your information. This information cannot be retrieved.

How do I start with SpotOpp?

You can use the SpotOpp platform independently. You can create accounts for contributors and ask them to answer the part of the questionnaire that is relevant for them. For instance the questions about the products and markets a sales rep or marketer is responsible for. If you don't have the capacity or expertise to perform the analysis, or want to get your analysis up and running as fast as possible, SpotOpp can also help you with an Implementation Workshop.

Who should I invite as contributor for my analysis?

We recommend to include as many points of view in your analysis as possible. The benefit of combining input from several contributors is that it increases reliability of your insights. Evolving your input from being an opinion to becoming data.

What kind of data is taken into account?

There are many factors that influence your success. There are factors outside of your organization, that define the attractiveness of a certain market, such as the local situation, competition and buyer needs. And internal factors, that determine how well you fit the requirements and situation of a specific market. That is why you perform a full external and internal analysis with the SpotOpp platform. SpotOpp provides you with an overview of all elements, so you can simply choose and use the ones that are relevant for your specific industry, situation and organization.

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