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Get strategic insights fast

With the SpotOpp Strategy Platform

Do you spend weeks on finding all elements that matter, creating a workable Excel sheet, gathering input from colleagues, creating graphs, then finding out you missed something and repeat the process, before you can start with the fun part: thinking about strategic options?

Not anymore!! With the SpotOpp strategy platform you digitize your marketing and business strategy and transform data into relevant insights quickly. Get immediate results via proven models, without all the time consuming and annoying manual activities.

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  • Find out where & how to operate before moving to operations

  • Truly compare markets with 360-degrees insights

  • Eliminate the boring admin part


1. Collaborate

Gather relevant data across your company with a user-friendly questionnaire

Find attractive segments and the best approach in four stages:

1. Collaborate

2. Validate

3. Decide

4. Grow

Want to know how to focus on the right segments fast?

Plan a consultation

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