We are SpotOpp

We provide a pragmatic process, support and digital platform for data-driven market leadership. Because we believe that with the right priorities you'll reach your commercial ambitions fast and with less risks.

SpotOpp is a soft tech company that helps commercial leaders with data-driven market leadership.


Why? Because there are many systems (like Hubspot and Salesforce) that help you run as fast as you can, but it’s crucial to first determine if you are even running in the right direction. You don’t do that with operational data –such as where and when to reach the customer- but with a complete picture of the market situation, your fit and improvement areas. And a fitting mindset and skills.

Our supportive technology is universeel by design, so: suitable for each type of product or service, and each target group, in any or many markets. 

Our value proposition

Hope is not a strategy, right? That's why we offer you all the tools you need: a pragmatic process, support and a digital platform, to confidently create the data-driven strategy that makes your organization agile and crisis resistant. Based on relevant, complete and reliable insights on the market and your fit. 


Unlike existing tools or agencies we bring together the following principles:


Strategic insights

Organizations use several tools to collect data on operations: sales numbers, product info, online customer behavior, etc. Great to determine how to optimally perform your activities. But how do you decide which activities to do: in what markets is your chance of success the highest? And which products or services will sell best?

Determining this requires different insights. SpotOpp focuses on these –strategic- insights.


Extracting invisible insights

Tools used in the organization usually have a specific purpose, like optimizing the sales funnel, and deliver insights on that. For your strategy you need to understand the full picture though: your performance, environment, and fit to it. But external factors often can't be documented in existing tools, while no single person can oversee all factors and objectively evaluate them. SpotOpp makes these hidden insights available too.


Attention for the transformation process

Being able to optimally use data requires a data-driven mindset. And getting there is a process. SpotOpp let's you take the right steps, in the right order. Because we know the frustration of long (months or sometimes even years) lasting implementations of a system such as Salesforce, and then finding out that the selected set up does not provide the insights you need ...

The Founder

"With my extensive experience as Strategy Consultant and Marketing Director I know how important market insights are to keep organizations competitive. Yet Management is forced to settle with the available insights, knowing that missing factors distorts the outcome, and their input is tainted due to personal preferences ...

MP portretklein.png

The strategy process is complex and time consuming. But many steps of this process can be digitized. Allowing you to focus and spend your valuable time on the human-aspects: collaboration and creating involvement. 

With SpotOpp, I want to contribute to a durable world. By challenging assumptions, embracing different points of view, and stimulating conscious choices that go beyond 'guesstimates'. Giving teams in organizations of any size a clear overview on which market combinations work best and why, so they can react fast and accurately." 



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