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Hello, we are SpotOpp

We’ve seen that despite all the smart digital solutions and strong leadership at today’s companies, strategy is still seen as this big, heavy topic because it’s largely based on…

  • Unproven assumptions

  • Misalignment between teams, and

  • Critical information lost in translation

As Michael Porter says, ‘The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.’ It’s about deliberately choosing to be different.

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To make choices with conviction, executives and their teams need a clear and comprehensive understanding of which market combinations work best, and why. But they miss the tools and the time to get this insight. Seeing this was holding back companies with huge potential, we decided to use our executive experience, years of successes and lessons learned to build a pragmatic, self-service strategy platform to help companies find their market-fit and growth opportunities. We are SpotOpp, and we make strategy accessible!