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We are SpotOpp

We provide a pragmatic process, support and digital platform for data-driven marketleadership. Because we believe that with the right priorities you'll reach your commercial ambitions fast and with less risks.

SpotOpp is a soft tech company that helps commercial leaders reach data-driven marketleadership.


Why? Because there are many systems (like Hubspot and Salesforce) that help you run as fast as you can, but it’s crucial to first determine if you are even running in the right direction. You don’t do that with operational data –such as where and when to reach the customer- but with a complete picture of the market situation, your fit and improvement areas. And with a fitting mindset and skills.

Our supportive technology is universeel by design, so: suitable for each type of product or service, and each target group, in any or many markets. 

Our value proposition

We offer you all the tools you need: a pragmatic process, support and a digital platform, to confidently create the data-driven strategy that makes your organization agile and crisis resistant. Unlike existing tools or agencies we bring together the following principles:

Strategic insights for the right direction

You're probably using several tools to collect data: sales numbers, customer behavior, etc. Data that's great to help you optimize your activities. But how do you decide which activities to do: which products or services will sell best? In which markets? To determine the right direction you need strategic insights. On the main influencer of your success: the market.

Unlike existing tools, SpotOpp focuses on strategic insights, to determine the right direction.

Zooming in on the correct level

Getting the right insights for your strategy takes quite an effort and time. While resources are limited. So it can be tempting to go for a 'big steps home soon' approach, like a one-page strategy canvas. But, let's be honest: are all your markets really the same? Do they react the same? And are you looking at the entire market, so áll factors that influence your results, or just at the customer and yourself.

The Marketleader Method pragmatically assesses the situation per product-market combination.

Placing you in the driver's seat

With so many factors, markets, products, services and changes, it's often hard to know where to start. You can get a ready-to-go strategy advice from an agency. But what if the market changes? Will you know what to adjust? We feel you should be able to -confidently- create your own strategy. Without having to dive into all the theory. Because that part we have already digitized for you. 

We believe you should be in control of your insights.

Interactive and inclusive

Our validated method ensures quality insights. Including factors that can only be evaluated (not measured), the hidden intelligence (not captured in existing tools), and mutual influence between factors. In an interactive and fun way all employees become part of the strategy process. The best guarantee for buy-in!

Our interactive and inclusive process ensures reliability and buy-in.

We guide you through the transformation process

Data-driven marketleadership requires the right insights. Most organizations are not yet equipped to provide those insights, and will need to go through a transformation processYou'll want to take the right steps, in the right order. Using best practices to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

We don't just provide you the tools, we guide you through the entire change process.

The Founder

"With my extensive experience as Strategy Consultant and Marketing Director I know how important market insights are to keep organizations competitive. Yet Management is forced to settle with the available insights, knowing that missing factors distorts the outcome, and their input is tainted due to personal preferences ...

MP portretklein.png

The strategy process is complex and time consuming. But many steps of this process can be digitized. Allowing you to focus and spend your valuable time on the human-aspects: collaboration and creating involvement. 

With SpotOpp, I want to contribute to a durable world. By challenging assumptions, embracing different points of view, and stimulating conscious choices that go beyond 'guesstimates'. Giving teams in organizations of any size a clear overview on which market combinations work best and why, so they can react fast and accurately." 



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