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The SpotOpp Program


The road to market fit-focused decisions contains steps that we have optimized and carefully fitted into a program of facilitated workshops. Supported by a user-friendly platform, and developed in close collaboration with professors, analysts, experts and business directors.

In 3 workshop sessions you'll get data-driven commercial decisions:



Many organizations gather data, but the road to truly data-driven decisions is often still long.


Most often the basics, such as the scope and standards, haven't been clearly defined. Yet, if you don't know your exact scope (and more importantly: what's out of it), it's hard to determine who you are really competing with. And what are opportunities or rather pitfalls.


That's why in the first workshop, we'll guide you to the process of defining your scope. As detailed as possible!



Now that we know the details of your operating model, it's time to assess each market you're targeting, and the fit of the offer you are providing there.

In this inspiring workshop we’ll tap into your collective intelligence. By asking the right questions and exploring the perspectives of team members from as many different disciplines as possible. No better way to include and prepare your team for a new direction!

The results of this workshop will show you exactly what data is missing and what assumptions should be validated with customers, prospects and/or partners you are working with.


Spotting & Setting off

The clear dashboards in the SpotOpp platform provide an integral overview of your product-market-fit. 

Confidently decide on your strategy and priorities. See all your opportunities and required adjustments. For each market, and every product. Because every market reacts differently. Has different customer preferences, competitors, rules, requirements.


Strategic insights ensure focus on activities that truly add value. For your entire portfolio. And allow you to justify your decisions and get the buy-in you need.


Are you ready to get data-driven decisions?

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