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Improve your sales results with the right focus

We help our customers increase their revenue. Growing sales by focusing on the right markets. While saving time and money on marketing. Basing their decisions on the most complete market insights with SpotOpp. And we have just released some exciting new features!

More specific data entry

The questions in the data entry area guide you through a full internal and external analysis. Providing complete market insights for you to focus on the markets where your offer fits the needs best. The multiple-choice questions allow you to easily describe the current situation. More fields for background information now help you better document the motivations behind your choices. Making it easier to update your input at future analyses. Or review the input from other contributors. Also, with a number of extra questions the data entry has become more specific. But don’t worry: you are still fully in control. A normal analysis requires only 3 elements to assess the external and 3 to assess the internal situation. So assessing any elements over these 6 already makes your analysis more reliable than a standard one!

Roles and permissions

We have also managed to add some exciting new functionality. You now have the option to create different roles and grant permissions. Allowing contributors to asses specific chapters that match their expertise. Say you want your financial expert to assess your product performance. You can now create a role that only shows the chapters with questions on this topic. Reducing any chance of confusion and clearly showing the limited amount of effort you are requesting from them. Also these roles make it easier for you to introduce SpotOpp gradually, should you prefer to build up your continuous market insights in smaller steps.

Extensive reports

It is all about the results: understanding which products and markets to focus on. From different points of view. So you can use the information for various purposes. For creating your business, sales or marketing strategy. Or to decide on which products to develop first or phase out. Therefore the reports area has been expanded significantly. Next to analyzing the details for a specific cluster (i.e. BU or Category) you can now also look at your data per country or company-wide. Our new report builder guides you through the steps that define what you want to look at.

More guidance

Last but not least, we wanted to make life even easier. So we have worked hard on making instruction videos available.

Would you like to see the new features? SpotOpp or request a demo. We look forward to helping you increase your sales results!


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