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Our services

We all work on reaching a resilient organization. One that –in whatever respect- grows on the long term and crisis resistant on the short term. For our business environment changes faster all the time. With innovative disruptions, financial crises, changes in international collaborations, new policy at changes of power, pandemics, and sanctions and supply chain issues due to a war…


Resilience requires a overarching strategy for all markets and a sense of shared responsibility. With all noses on the same side, and allocation of resources where they matter most. That is only possible with relevant, correct and shared strategic (market)insights. And we'll gladly help you with that with our services!



The transition to a data-driven approach can be overwhelming. Where do you start?


Our progams lead you through the right steps. In the right order, so you don't duplicatie work.  

Strategy Platform

With the SpotOpp strategy platform you digitize your marketing and business strategy and transform data into relevant insights quickly.


This allows you to truly compare markets. Without spending too much time on gathering insights or loosing the overview.


Specific questions for your situation?

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