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Strategy Solutions

Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction*

A smart strategy won’t solve anything if you’re moving in the wrong direction. Market size matters. But so do all the other factors out there -like competitors and local circumstances- as well as the fit of your offer for that specific market. Market opportunities can be determined based on market insights. And visualized in such a way that you can fast and easily see how best to prioritize your efforts and where to achieve quick wins.

Our solutions for senior executives are centered around democratizing strategy. We allow your teams to do the legwork and contribute their valuable input in less time. SpotOpp will organize, digitize and visualize all relevant data. So you can see clearly how well you fit the market and where all of your sweet spots are.

(* quote by Kenichi Ohmae)


Helping you connect strategy across teams

Marketing solutions

Go beyond digital data to understand the bigger picture, identifying your addressable audience and choosing the right marketing mix to demonstrate value.

Sales solutions

Focus on the places and prospects where you have the best product-market fit. The funnel shrinks and closing becomes a no-brainer because market demand is already there.

Product Development solutions

Determine your product roadmap and priorities based on hard facts and what actually fits a specific market, not based on gut feeling, cool ideas or whoever shouts the loudest.

Management Consulting solutions

Collect input from your customers fast and efficiently, so you'll be able to spend your time on activities where you'll add the most value as an experienced strategy advisor.

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