Whether you want to validate your existing market strategy or identify new growth possibilities, we’ve created a platform that pairs digital dashboarding capabilities with strategic guidance, in the right measure for you. We combine the best of proven models such as MaBa and PESTEL with our lessons-learned to help you and your team clearly see where your opportunities lie.


The initial market data discovery

Here we help you turn your raw market data into a clear analysis, through easy-to-use analytics dashboard access and some initial set-up guidance.

This package works if…

  • You already have a team ready to collect and manage intelligence and input, or
  • You are looking for a higher-level analysis, e.g. for a single business unit
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The full product-market exploration

We help you find your first product-market combinations, validating your direction through structured guidance in a hands-on workshop, so you’re ready to shape your go-to-market strategy.

This package works if…

  • You have multiple products, teams and target markets you are struggling to prioritize
  • You want to validate what you’ve done so far, as well as explore new opportunities
  • You’re looking beyond one business unit, to make your analysis country or company-wide
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Grow sales, while saving time, effort and money



Collect input across your company and validate it with a reliable framework for market analysis



Use a dashboard of outcomes to clearly see market-fit & hidden opportunities



Take a giant step towards a winning strategy, identifying initial product-market combinations