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SpotOpp helps you gather strategic insights on the full picture: your performance, environment, fit to it and options to improve. With pragmatic programs and powerful tools to fast and easily determine the optimum and most durable commercial or business strategy.


Our LEAD-model®

Many organizations gather data, but the road to data-driven working is often still long. As the basics, such as commercial definitions and standards haven't been defined consistently and unequivocal. And goals are not clear, making it hard to decide which insights you really need. 

Due to our years of experience in introducing a data-driven way of working at organizations, we know the right steps to take. And the right order of these steps, so you don't duplicate work. Our LEAD-model connects proven theory with practice, and ensures a pragmatic process that is solidly substantiated. 

SpotOpp Strategy Platform

With the SpotOpp strategy platform you digitize your marketing and business strategy and transform data into relevant insights quickly.


This allows you to truly compare markets. Without spending too much time on gathering insights or loosing the overview.


Specific questions for your situation?

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