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Become a data-driven leader

With the SpotOpp Academy

We all want to reach our goals. Despite continous changes in and around our company. So why do we still take so many important decisions without seeing the full picture of our playing field?


It's time for data-driven marketleadership: realising your commercial ambitions through insight in your market fit. With the right mindset and tools. Because systems like Hubspot and Salesforce allow you to run faster, but you have to make sure first that you are running in the right direction! 

Take well educated commercial decisions

Make sure you can keep taking advantage of commercial opportunities. That you can justify your decisions through insights on your full  playing field. And reach your ambitions fast and with less risk. Our performance is also determined by our business environment. So we better include that influence in our strategic decisions.


Become a data-driven marketleader in 3 months with our online training. In contrary to conventional courses the Online Marketleader Academy focuses on strategic insights. Because, despite being incredibly important, impressions and clicks etc. don't help you determine where you have the best market fit, so where you sell your product or service with the least amount of effort!

Recognize this?

  • The market has changed tremendously: innovations, financial crises, pandemics, sanctions, supply chain issues, etc. Your organization is or is about to be in trouble and you don't want to wait till time runs out. Maybe you have to rebuild your organization after a reorganization or you have ambitious growth ambitions.

  • You want to get (back) on course. Not via a temporary solution or betting on gut feeling, but with a solid, justified strategy. That solves the real problem, so you'll achieve your ambitions durably.

  • You want to be able to move fast. So, without having to invent the wheel yourself. Or hire expensive agencies, whose advice is really just valid until the next market issue.

  • You want to be able to use and grow valuable knowledge available in your organization, motivate your team and ensure their buy-in for your strategy.

  • You don't have the time or (hu)manpower to perform analyses for months, or are only willing to collect those missing insight if you are sure it is worth the time investment.

  • You really just don't know where to start or what you exactly need. You know you don't have full market insight, but somehow keep postponing the process of collecting those missing insights.


Take the step to change your situation

As long as you are going for short term or cosmetic solutions, all you'll get are short term results. Take the step to become a data-driven marketleader. Of course you can figure it all out yourself: investigate which steps to take, follow webinars, read books, check how others do it. But that takes a lot of time. And most likely you won't even achieve the results you want.

So, sign up for the Marketleader online training. In 3 months we'll teach you all you need to know to achieve data-driven marketleadership with access to:  

  • The proven Marketleader Method: the structured online program that guides you step-by-step in 9 modules to data-driven marketleadership. With practical classes, helpful templates and assignments, which you can work on where and when it suits you. ​​

  • Our Business model Library, where you'll find the most important acknowledged business models to collect the right insights. Clearly summarized, so you won't have to follow a full study, and tips and tricks to succesfully use the models. That save time!

  • The Collective Intel Community for (former) students. Meet valuable new contacts, share tips and experiences or ask your questions here. For together you learn better than alone.​​​

  • Effective webinars where you can ask questions and learn from others. 


​​Data-driven marketleadership is achievable. Also for you. As long as you know how to gather relevant insights, and have the right mindset & tools. We offer you the toolbox you need. What are you waiting for!

Why this training

MP portretklein.png

I have been helping companies for over 20 years making the right decisions based on data. As Strategy Consultant and Marketing Director I've seen quite some businesses from the inside. And numerous times followed the process of starting with (almost) nothing to getting to relevant insights and confidently create a durable strategy.​

I know from experience that gathering the right insights is a challenge, that it takes time to continuously determine what to look for and collect input from the entire organization, that with every change you have to go through the full process again, sometimes making it tempting to 'oversee' factors you don't immediately have input on ...

In my experience most companies are still struggling with data. While one is more mature in this area than another, the majority of organizations is still far from being a data-driven marketleader. One doesn't know where to start, or simply drowning in the abundance of collected data. And, despite all the available tools, many leaders still have the feeling they have to improvise.


Yet, the process to reach data-driven marketleadership actually contains a number of logical steps. With activities that you can even partly digitize. The past few years I have defined and optimized that process. In close collaboration with professors of colleges and universities for theoretic validation, and with Sales, Marketing and Product Development Directors for pragmatism. And now I am making that process available for you too!


Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat
is headed in the wrong direction*

(* Quote by Kenichi Ohmae)

Our entire life we are trained to think in solutions, and so –if we come across a problem at work that stops us from reaching our goals- we try to solve it swiftly by relying on our experience or gut feeling. Which often just means 'doing more than you already did'.

But it is more effective and efficient to deploy your activities selectively, in segments with the best market fit. When your offer meets the needs of the market you'll sell with the least effort. And waste less resources. So make sure you can see your market fit.

What will you learn? The modules.


Whether you reach your commercial goals is largely determined by your business environment. Just look at laws and regulations, or activities from the competition. That's why it's crucial to include insights on the full playing field in important decisions. Data-driven marketleadership is achievable. How? You'll learn in 6 practical modules.

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1. Mindset

We start with the driving force for a data-driven way of working, so with you! A data-driven culture and many new tools also require adjustments in your commercial leadership. We make sure you are ready for the transformation!

2. Method

In this fast changing world ‘guestimates’ just aren't good enough anymore. You need to be able to see the full picture. In this module we cover how you get there with the systematic, methodical and collaborative Marketleader Method.

ambition (image by Gerd altman).jpg
3. Toolstack

Many companies are running vast digital transformation projects. With new systems, that can provide information on your commercial performance. In this module you'll map your tools and data, so you'll know which market insights are missing.

reporting (image by Gerd altman).jpg
4. GAP analysis

It is tempting to think you know the market based on your own experience. But have you included all factors? And input from all disciplines, for all your objectives? We'll check your assumptions by looking at all factors that can influence your performance and checking which ones are relevant for you. 

5. Strategy creation

Your strategic choices can have major consequences. That's why this module shows how to determine your market-fit and the resulting options. How dashboards and data storytelling help you get buy-in. And how you choose the right option. 

6. Implementation

How do you translate your strategy to an operational plan? How do you optimize your products and services based on your market insights? How do you keep improving your insights and make them more complete? Time to learn how to transform al your work into concrete activities. 

Why follow this training? 

  • With our proven method you'll become a data-driven marketleader step-by-step. You'll know which insights you need for well educated decisions, how to gather them fast and easily, how to use them to get buy-in for your choices and where to begin. 

  • You'll learn how to oversee the full playing field, despite the many, ever changing factors, even if you operate in many markets with various products and services. You'll look beyond your own performance, and determine which commercial efforts will have the highest effect.

  • You'll finally get beyond the 'guestimates'! You'll know where your offer fits the market best, so where your product/service sells with the least effort. And wich adjustments are needed. So you'll create more effective Go-To-Markets and campaigns, and your portfolio and activities truly add value.

  • With an efficient way of working and time saving templates and tips, you'll only spend time on insights you really need. You'll see results fast and don't loose time by inventing the wheel yourself through books, webinars, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Time you'll be able to spend better!


  • Change starts with people. So you'll als learn how to set yourself up for success with a data-driven way of working. So both you and your team are ready to react when the market changes again.

Some of the companies we have already helped


Take the step to strategic insights

With the Online Marketleader Academy we share all our knowledge in the field of data-driven marketleadership. Gained by helping commercial leaders for over 20 years gather relevant strategic insights. So they can determine their commercial or business strategy confidently. Knowledge that has already helped many organizations.


Become a data-driven Marketleader now for the introduction rate of only € 1.497,-*. A small investment if you consider what it will cost you to keep figuring it out yourself. Or look at the amount of money for people and activities you basically throw away by operating in the wrong market!

* Excluding VAT. By applying for the Academy you agree with the terms and conditions of SpotOpp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I make available for this training?
You'll receive a module per 2 weeks. Going through the module and the assignments will take you about half a day per week. You can just go through the training, but will get the most out of it by also being active in the community. In this community -which is available in the online learning environment- you can alsways ask questions or share experiences. The training has 6 modules, so if you go through your module each week you'll be finished in less than 3 months.  

When do I get access to my online training? 
After you have signed up and paid, you'll get your login details for the online learning environment within an hour. You can log in on a desktop or via an app op your phone and will have access to the environment for 3 months. Want to keep access longer? You can renew for a low rate per month by sending an email to


Who is this training for?
This training is aimed at commercial leaders that want to go for maximum impact and want to realise their commercial ambitions fast and with less risks. That want to be able to react immediately if the market changes, and know the 'old tricks' won't work anymore in the new reality. Leaders that are not afraid to challenge their assumptions, which allows them to go beyond the 'guestimates'.

For leaders that are just starting with working data-driven this is the best way to ‘get things right the first time’. But also if you want to optimize the process of your strategic market insights, you can learn a lot from the tips, tricks and best practices. Want more help with the steps, such as a workshop with your team or a translation of your insights to a concrete plan? Contact us via and we will discuss together which of our programs best matches your needs.

There is already a lot of information available onlinie, what is the added value of this Academy?
The internet if filled with information. But a lot of it is quite 'freely interpreted'. Chances are you're drowning in the amount of information. And how much did you really achieve with all those videos, books and blogs? We'll teach you how to become a data-driven marketleader. With concrete steps that cannot be found on the internet. Coming from years of experience and thorough research with colleges and commercial directors. You'll learn how to choose the right direction for your commercial activities based on market fit through carefully prepared classes, exercises and templates. With our clear tools and help you will finally get beyond the 'guestimates'. 


Why is this program unique and different than other courses?
In contrary to other trainings, the Marketleader Method is not focused on the operational data: amounts of clicks and views, or lead times within the sales funnel, etc. While that is crucial data to optimize your operations, it won't help you determine the right direction for your commercial activities. That requires strategic insights: your goals, performance, full business environment, market fit and options to improve. For you can try to improve your sales results by doing more than you already did. But it is more effective and efficient to deploy your activies specifically in segments with the best market fit. ​When your offer meets the needs of the market you'll sell your product or service with the least effort. And waste less resources.


Internal factors, such as historic sales numbers, are only part of the total picture. Especially when the market changes rapidly. You want to look at all factors that influence your success. And evaluate all your segments the same way. So you'll achieve crucial insights for all commercial departments: Marketing and Sales, but also Innovation, Customer Service and Product Development. And improve your results by deploying people and resources where they'll have the most effect. 


I have another question ...
You can ask questions in the community, which is also helpful for other participants, or you can mail us at We check our mail each working day and usually answer within 2 working days. As we highly value feedback, we will also ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of the training. 

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