Become a data-driven leader

With the SpotOpp Academy

We all work towards a resilient, crisis resistant organization. Because our environment changes faster than ever: innovative disruptions, financial crises, pandemics, sanctions, and supply chain issues, etc.

That is why our Academy empowers you to confidently create a data-driven, durable commercial or business strategy, based on proven models.​​

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  • Be ready to react at market changes

  • Challenge assumptions

  • Go beyond 'guesstimates'


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Data-driven leadership masterclass

Data is the new gold. But only if you know how to use it. Just monitoring sales, prospects and customer behavior doesn’t make you data-driven. You'll need to clearly define goals, gather and analyze goal-specific insights and measure to adjust.


This masterclass ensures you know how to truly compare markets, prioritize activities and create the optimum marketing or business strategy with confidence.

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