A proper marketing analysis shows you the market forces that impact your business and how to use them to your benefit. Knowing the potential of your product-market combinations is crucial for decisions such as budget allocation, your market approach, markets to operate in or products to develop.
Whether you operate in one market or many, keeping the overview of your internal and external analysis can be a challenge. SpotOpp guides you through the analysis process and interpretation of the results. For well-educated corporate, marketing, sales and product development decisions.

Clear workflow

Cover all relevant elements of a proper internal and external analysis. You choose which acknowledged marketing models to use and contributors get assisted with clear instructions.


Set standards to ensure overall alignment and comparison. Your sales and marketing department have never worked this closely together on their mutual required insights.

Actionable outcomes

Data-driven decisions based on reliable and clear visual market insights. Your SpotOpp analysis will not disappear in a drawer, but will be used company-wide to act upon!



The right mix for each market


Focus on markets with potential


Input for your Roadmap

How it works

Set your standards

Set up SpotOpp to match your needs: define your products, markets you operate in, marketing models to use and factors that are key to success.

Enter your input

For every product-market-combination you are guided through a set of multiple choice questions. Select the most appropriate option to describe the current situation. Or ask a contributor, such as a sales rep, to do so.

Analyze and use the results

The answer to each question contributes to a score for the potential of your product for that specific market. The result is presented in a clear graph. Use this real-time status of the market situation to decide on required actions and save the outcome of a specific date for future reference.

Need help with the input or interpretation? Get a quote for a consultant.


Having worked in marketing for many years, advising startups to corporates, founder Marion Panhuijzen knows the necessity of a proper analysis for strategy creation. Experiencing the challenges of keeping the overview with many product-market combinations, data sources and contributors, she decided it was time for a tool to facilitate the process. Leading to the ultimate marketing analysis tool SpotOpp.