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Data-driven decisions in only 3 weeks



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You want to make an impact. Growing your business, profit or even sustainability. You could stick with the expensive ‘trial and error’ approach. But wouldn’t you prefer to know that people are looking for a solution, and what you offer is the right solution?

Don’t spread your resources too much and create unnecessary complexity. Focus on markets where you have a real product-market fit. Make commercial decisions that ensure results. Ones that you can justify. To your entire team, board and investors.

When you know where your activities will have the most effect you’ll sell with less effort. That’s why we developed the SpotOpp program. A clear path, with logical steps and recognized business models, to use your product-market fit. 

How our tools differ from others  (tools & agencies!)

Strategic insights & action plan

The data to optimize your activities is not the data you need to determine the right direction. Get strategic insights on what will sell best where and a pragmatic action plan.

You're in the driver's seat

Do you really want to be dependant on your agency? You should be able to confidently create your own strategy, so we digitized the tedious and theoretical parts for you. Saving you lots of time.

Interactive, inclusive & fun!

We include all relevant factors: also ones not captured in other tools. In an interactive and fun way all employees become part of the strategy process. The best guarantee for reliability and buy-in!


Don't fall for the temptation of a 'big steps, home soon'  approach, like a strategy canvas. Your markets aren't all the same and react the same, do they? Pragmatically assess the situation per market

The road to market fit-focused decisions contains steps that we have optimized and carefully fitted into a program of facilitated workshops. Supported by a user-friendly platform, and developed in close collaboration with professors, analysts, experts and business directors.


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Some of the companies we have already helped


“We can quickly compare the product-market-fit of each training, so we can decide which courses to develop or eliminate. This is a huge help in optimizing our portfolio.”

Project Manager Strategy, RelyOn Nutec

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