Spot Your Market Opportunities

Find strategic sweet spots

based on your market-fit

Strategy is all about making difficult decisions and trade-offs. But time is limited, input is fragmented, and let’s face it; those annual business strategy slides become more compromise and copy-paste than we’d care to admit. We’ve struggled and succeeded with strategy too. So we’ve designed straightforward solutions from our lessons-learned.
SpotOpp helps you gather the required market insights for your strategy fast and easily. SpotOpp organizes, digitizes and visualizes all relevant data. So you can see how well you fit the market and where your sweet spots are. SpotOpp is a recognized method for holistic market analysis. Using proven models and digitizing the process for fast results & flexibility. Adding value, fostering collaboration, and making sure your market analysis paves the way for a future-proof business plan.

Empowering you to find your product-market-fit


Structure your process

Easy data collection, with a checklist of all relevant factors and inter-dependencies


Eliminate Tunnel Vision

Empower your experts, with shorter analysis lead times, standardization and clear reporting


Create Sweet Spots

Immediately see relevant actions for your markets with company-wide insights and a concrete action plan

“We needed to be more selective in our market approach, but missed the overview to confidently prioritize activities. We can now structurally analyze all our opportunities the same way. Aligning departments and providing the right focus.''

Global Sales & Marketing Director, Electro Technical Service Provider

Your platform for product-market-fit

Make sure you’re all set to shape your strategy based on data-driven decisions and comprehensive market analysis. Start with a demo, a simple dashboard or a workshop designed to analyze your markets from every angle.

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction”

– Kenichi Ohmae