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Determine the best commercial direction before jumping to operations

Rowing harder doesn't help if you're headed in the wrong direction *

Want to adjust faster to all market changes? Get buy-in for your strategy from all employees, the Board or a new investor? Or deliver a strong contribution to the digital transformation?


Then you need to know what you're talking about. Know which markets are attractive and what to do if you don't meet the market needs. Do you still know, for all products and services, in these turbulent times? 

Regain your grip with SpotOpp. All the tools you need: a pragmatic process, support and digital platform, to confidently create the data-driven strategy that makes your organization agile and crisis resistant. 

How our tools differ from others (tools and agencies)

Strategic insights for the right direction

The data to optimize your activities is not the data you need to determine the right direction. You need to be able to see the full picture, with strategic insights, to determine the right direction.

Insights per market and reporting level

Don't fall for the temptation of a 'big steps home soon' approach, like a strategy canvas. Your markets aren't all the same, and don't react the same, do they?

We let you assess the situation per product-market combination.

Placing you in the driver's seat

Do you really want to be dependant on your agency? We empower you to confidently create your own strategy and have digitized the theory and admin for you. 

Interactive, inclusive & fun!

We include all relevant factors: also ones not captured in other tools. In an interactive and fun way all employees become part of the strategy process. The best guarantee for reliability and buy-in!

Guided transformation

Your organization may need to take some steps to be able to provide the required strategic insights on your full business environment. 

We don't just provide you tools, we guide you through the entire change process.

The market has changed tremendously: innovations, financial crises, pandemics, sanctions, supply chain issues, etc. Probably your organization has been affected too. Maybe it is or is about to be in trouble, you're in the process of rebuilding your organization, or you have ambitious growth goals. But how do you determine that solid strategy, that helps you reach your ambitions?

We know what it's like to feel like you are following facts. To have to 'guesstimate' what the right strategy is as you simply don't have enough insights. To spend a lot of time on new systems, while they don't deliver the insights that really help you reach your commercial goals.

That's why we help you reach data-driven marketleadership: where you have full insights and know which commercial effort will have the most effect. Allowing you to create a solid strategy and realize your ambition with less risk. While motivating your team and ensuring buy-in for your strategy.  ​​​

Regain your grip with our pragmatic tools

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Online Academy

​​In 6 practical online modules you'll learn which strategic insights you need, how to gather them fast and easily, get buy-in and where to begin. Your complete toolbox! 

Company Programs

More a fan of training-on-the-job or looking to easily implement data-driven marketleadership for the entire team? Our pragmatic programs guide you to full market insights and optimum strategy. 

Strategy Platform

Already know which insights you need, but struggling to keep the overview? The SpotOpp platform will quickly give you a 360-degrees view on your market-fit, while eliminating the boring admin part.

Connect (for free) with other (future) data-driven marketleaders


“We can quickly compare the product-market-fit of each training, so we can decide which courses to develop or eliminate. This is a huge help in optimizing our portfolio.”

Project Manager Strategy, RelyOn Nutec


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