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You’ll sell your product or service with the least effort when you meet the market needs. Knowing where your offer fits those needs lets you allocate resources where they matter most. But input is fragmented and time limited, forcing you to compromise on your strategy too often.

That’s why we enable business leaders and their teams to create a holistic strategy. With SpotOpp’s structured analytics method, our unique self-service strategy platform and profound expertise. Base your strategy on market-fit and optimize your results.


it is

Scan the full market fast and easily, and see at one glance how and where you'll sell with less effort.


(re)Find your focus.


it does

Via questionnaires you gather all knowledge in your organization. To identify gaps & best commercial strategy and optimize your market approach.


it's for

Commercial leaders that need to make strategic sales, marketing or product development decisions. On growth, turnaround or consolidation.

Better results with data-driven decisions

Better results with data-driven decisions

Spot your opportunities

Increase ROI on resources

Grow your sales & profit

Grow your business with SpotOpp in four stages

Grow your business with SpotOpp in four stages:

1. Collaborate

Gather relevant data across your company fast with a user-friendly questionnaire, which guides you through all proven models of the globally recognized 6-step method.

2. Validate

Include all relevant contributors to eliminate tunnel vision and subjectivity. Evolve from opinion to data and identify sweet spots and growth options in hours instead of months.

3. Decide

Prioritize and decide with confidence based on full transparency on your market-fit. Get buy-in with a pragmatic, data-driven strategy and actionable analytics.

4. Grow

Optimize resources and revenue by acting upon company-wide insights and a concrete action plan. Create agility by simply updating your input for any time-restricted decision.


“We can quickly compare the product-market-fit of each training, so we can decide which courses to develop or eliminate. This is a huge help in optimizing our portfolio.”

Project Manager Strategy, RelyOn Nutec

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