The first 90 days on your new leadership role tend to determine your success, both on the short and long term.  So, you’ll want to take charge.

Next to building your team and network, your first months should be about understanding your challenges and opportunities. And achieving quick wins.*

* According to Harvard Business School’s professor Michael Watkins

So many parts to bring together, so little time to manage them all

Focusing on segments with the best market-fit will optimize your results. So, knowing how and where to grow can speed up your transition’s break-even point.

But what if your organization doesn’t have accurate data on this market-fit available? Structuring and processing input across the organization can take much time.

That’s why we created SpotOpp; to allow you to get to know the organization thoroughly, while collecting the insights you need fast. Aligning the right people early in the process, by including all relevant stakeholders.


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Get up to speed faster and achieve more sooner

Using the SpotOpp platform independently or with our assistance via a Deep Dive Analysis


Deep Dive Analysis

Our Deep Dive helps you analyze the wider business environment and how it affects your company.

We have an initial consultation to plan the road ahead. Then, in a workshop we help you explore product-market combinations from every possible angle.

The clear dashboard will immediately show all opportunities and sweet spots. And how you can optimize the product roadmap, marketing mix, and sales activities.

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Determine the best strategic direction based on your market-fit



Collect input across your company and validate it with a reliable framework for market analysis



Use a dashboard of outcomes to clearly see market-fit & hidden opportunities



Take a giant step towards a winning strategy, identifying initial product-market combinations

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