Justify your strategic decisions

Your sales results are influenced by many factors. And they change all the time. SpotOpp helps you assess all factors fast and easy.

With this tool you perform a professional internal and external analysis using proven marketing models. Because better data enables smarter, quicker decisions that generate higher returns.

Identify markets that will grow your revenue. And define a winning strategy based on your product-market-fit.

Find the best markets to target

A strategic analysis maps the market forces that influence your success. Showing you which markets will actually grow your sales. By looking outside-in to define market attractiveness with factors such as macro trends, market size, buyers and industry players. And inside-out to check the suitability of your offer.

The SpotOpp tool guides you through your strategic analysis fast and easy. Giving you unique insights on how to prioritize and optimize your product-market fit. So you can make the right decisions in respect of budget allocation, market focus and approach, or product development.

10 percent

10x More Factors

Professional analysis with the best insights. For informed decisions, even without marketing expertise.
80 percent

80% Effort Reduction

A single, shared truth with input from all relevant contributors. The highest control at the lowest effort.
40 percent

40% Faster Insights

Know which products and markets to target. Achieve more than ever.

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How a digital market analysis with SpotOpp works

Setting the SpotOpp tool up for your business is easy. In two simple steps we’ll help you define the products and markets you wish to analyze.

If you wish you can grant access to contributors, so you can include their input too.


We’ll guide contributors through your market analysis with multiple-choice questions and clear instructions. Securing their valuable knowledge. No matter where they are located. While you to keep overview and track progress real-time.

Finding your ideal target markets 40% faster not quick enough? We can facilitate a workshop that will help you get up to speed.

Learn more about the SpotOpp workshop.


Assessing markets from different viewpoints increases reliability of your data. Include knowledge from various contributors according the ‘Wikipedia-principle”. Discussing the differences will align contributors in an early stage. And is a first step towards accepting your final direction.

Official data sources and customer surveys can help you validate your data. Providing you with new insights over time.


You’ll find the potential of each product-market combination in a clear graph, linking to appropriate strategies. Various filters show the results from different perspectives: per Business Unit, country or company-wide. Identify potential areas of growth with precision.

Choose which markets to target. Decide on the right amount of sales efforts and create the right marketing mix for each market. Which products or services to develop or to phase-out. Avoid costly mistakes and ad hoc tactics.


Update your analysis easily for each review round. Strengthening the results and improving your collaboration continuously.


Particularly useful when you are seeking to

  • Enter new market (internationally or locally)
  • Grow market share or revenue
  • Introduce new product/service
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Create your business or marketing strategy

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