The fastest way to get started

Finding your ideal target markets 40% faster not quick enough? Let selected team members enter the first data in a workshop. Reaching agreement in co-creation. Your single shared truth in a day.

Sometimes you really need your insights yesterday

The SpotOpp analysis solution digitizes your strategic market analysis. But sometimes you really have no time left to get your complete insight on the market and your fit.

Jump-starting your analysis

In a workshop we guide your team through a proper analysis. We start by explaining the purpose, answer all questions throughout the day and end by showing how to read the results with the entered data. Helping you identify markets that will grow your revenue, fast and easy.

Very effective for breaking internal silo’s and working towards overall acceptance of the direction you’ll choose.

Start improving your market insights

Book a workshop for € 4.995,-

Included in the package

  • Workshop (8 hrs)
  • Subscription to the SpotOpp solution (3 mnths)
  • Preparation session (1 hr)
  • Evaluation (max 2 hrs)

Book a workshop now

Particularly useful when you are seeking to

  • Get a full market insight urgently
  • Align your team
  • Eliminate existing silos
  • Get buy-in for your strategy

The best insights

Professional analysis based on 10x more factors. For informed decisions, even without marketing expertise.

The best control

A single, shared truth. When you need it. Including input from all contributors, while reducing your effort by 80%.

The best results

Know which products and markets to target 40% faster. Achieve more than ever.

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Digitize your analysis

Make smarter decisions

Validate your results

Even more reliable data

Get expert advice

For rethinking your strategy