Better informed decisions

SpotOpp provides complete insights on the market and your fit. So you can focus on your markets and products (or services) with potential. Grow sales while saving time, effort and money with our connected services.

Make smarter decisions

Sales results are influenced by many factors. And they change all the time. Assess all factors fast and easy. Perform a professional internal and external analysis with proven marketing models. And know which markets to target with what offer.

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The fastest way to get started

Finding your ideal target markets 40% faster not quick enough? Let selected team members enter the first data in a workshop. Reaching agreement in co-creation. Your single shared truth in a day. And first step towards acceptance of the direction you’ll choose.

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Helping you rethink your strategy

Choosing the right market and offer is all about making choices. Better data enables smarter, quicker decisions that generate higher returns. Based on your analysis we help you decide on the most effective strategy and portfolio decisions. And appropriate marketing plans and execution.

No access to official data sources to verify your insights? We can provide you with insights from various sources. Or initiate or enhance existing marketing processes so you can validate your insights with customers or agents.

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