Reduce the complexity of your analysis process

When you operate in several markets, have an extensive portfolio, or both, your marketing analysis can be complex and time consuming. But you want to assess your potential at both product and market level. With input from your entire team. Moving from data to actionable information in the shortest time-frame.

SpotOpp reduces the complexity of the analysis process. Guiding contributors through the analysis proces and providing clear market insights for corporate, marketing, sales or product strategy decisions. Helping you spot opportunities immediately.

Corporate strategy
marketing strategy
Sales strategy
Product strategy

How it works

Set your standards

Set up SpotOpp to match your needs: define your products, markets you operate in, marketing models to use and factors that are key to success.

Enter your input

For every product-market-combination you are guided through a set of multiple choice questions. Select the most appropriate option to describe the current situation. Or ask a contributor, such as a sales rep, to do so.

Analyze and use the results

The answer to each question contributes to a score for the potential of your product for that specific market. The result is presented in a clear graph. Use this real-time status of the market situation to decide on required actions and save the outcome of a specific date for future reference.

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SpotOpp results in graph

SpotOpp comes with

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