Make your sales strategy scalable

The pressure mounts: it’s time to find a way of building sustainable growth with a pipeline of year-round sales to ease your cash flow and grow your business.

But in a competitive market where players are chasing the same customer, a structured, systematic sales strategy is more important than ever.


Shape up your sales cycle

SpotOpp provides complete insights on the market and your fit. So you can focus on your markets and products (or services) with potential.

Sales Benefits

sales targets


realistic sales goals



new business faster & easier



market insights

Keep your team on the same page by validating existing opportunities from every angle

Focus 100% on the right customers through internal & external market analysis

Neutralize assumptions by visualizing structured data from more sources

Particularly useful when you are seeking to

Grow your revenue

Enter new (inter)national markets

Cooperate more closely with Marketing

Involve full team in strategy

Create strong new Sales strategy

Shorten sales cycle

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