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An inclusive strategy process

With our pragmatic programs

The transition to a data-driven approach can be overwhelming. Where and how to start? And how to translate the strategy to effective activities that add value?


Our Programs lead you through the right steps in the right order. Ensuring not only relevant, correct and shared strategic (market) insights, but also company-wide buy-in.


Program 1. Your Health Check

For a strong strategy you'll need to see the full picture: your situation, complete environment and market-fit. Which starts by defining your ambition, as that dictates which insights you'll need. And determining your current situation. Do the tools you work with provide the insights in the format you need? Can you draw the right conclusions from existing dashboards, or do you need to make adjustments to the way tools has been set up?

This Program is the first stage of your Data-Driven Leadership journey, in which you'll discover:

  • What insights you need based on (corporate) goals

  • What relevant insights you have available

  • How to align existing tools

Program 2. Securing your Collective Intelligence

Once you know which insights you need and what required data is available, it is time to address your organization’s collective intelligence. To gather all relevant expertise and points of view, in order to define the gaps: missing insights, but also discrepancies between the market needs and your offer for each market. Your strategy should be aimed at closing both gaps.

This program is a workshop in which an inter-departmental team gathers relevant insights and perspectives, to:

  • Secure available insights via the right questions

  • Discuss various points of view

  • Interpret the first outcomes


Program 3. Validation Framework

As human beings we like having our opinion confirmed and strengthened. And often unconsciously close ourselves off to information that challenges our convictions. But a strong strategy requires an open mind, so it's time to validate the gathered insights.


An important step to ensure your insights are reliable and validated via various sources, and build:

  • The optimum research structure

  • Your desk research framework

  • Relevant customer survey(s)

Program 4. Strategy Selection Process

Data-Driven Leaders are collaborative. Because they know that our preferences and biases taint the way we see the world. That's why –in the previous steps- we gather the right input, validate, and visualize our options. So the outcome: the optimum direction and required activities are clear to and accepted by everyone. For a strategy without buy-in is extremely hard to activate!


Here you'll use insights to discover your options and confidently choose your strategy, by understanding how to:


  • Interpret the reports

  • Immediately discover priorities

  • Discover the required marketing adjustments


Want to know how to become a Data-Driven Team fast?

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