Input for your Roadmap

Product development is all about choices. Which products to improve as quick wins and which ones to focus on to make your portfolio future-proof. But the decision process can take up time and energy: no matter what the choices, there will always be someone challenging your decision based on conflicting interests. SpotOpp guides your team through the analysis process, providing you with the market insights you need at a much lower effort from your team.
Product strategy

Why use SpotOpp for your product strategy

  • Relevant insights on all your products.
  • Base your Roadmap on actual needs in the market.
  • Focus your resources on products with the highest potential.
  • Proven marketing models and instructions throughout the process.
  • Optimum collaboration with Marketing & Sales.
  • Save time by re-using your market insights year after year.
  • Use the market knowledge of the entire organization.
  • Actionable outcomes in various levels of reporting.

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