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Product Development solutions

Product Development Solutions

Focusing on market-fit will optimize your portfolio

When your offer meets the needs of the market your product or service will be sold with the least effort. So, it’s crucial to know which elements of your product portfolio have a good market-fit, which ones to adjust or to eliminate to reach the optimum portfolio. Complete market insights, with all factors that influence your success, allow you to make smarter decisions.  

Improve your portfolio with data-driven decisions

Improve your portfolio with data-driven decisions

Optimized portfolio

 With the full picture you'll set the right priorities and optimize activities 

Effective Go-To-Markets

The right initiatives for each market, without wasting time

Efficient development

Use your budget only for products that truly add value and have a strong ROI


Ensuring buy-in and alignment between departments

Involved team

A strategy based on co-creation is activated faster

Well-directed strategy

A shared focus in commercial departments ensures better results

Select the best initiatives for each segment

The SpotOpp self-service strategy platform helps you gather complete insights through proven models and a structured process. So you'll know which initiatives deserve your full attention. And your team can focus on combinations with the highest chance of success first.

SpotOpp steps

1. Collaborate

Gather relevant data across your company with a user-friendly questionnaire

Optimize your portfolio with SpotOpp in four stages:

1. Collaborate

2. Validate

3. Decide

4. Grow

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