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SpotOpp now makes your strategic marketing analysis easy


A proper marketing analysis gives insight in the market forces that impact your business. In the opportunities and developments that are crucial for strategic decisions and in the long run even the existence of the organization. But this internal and external analysis is a complex and time consuming process. A process often totally or partially skipped due to our full calendars. With SpotOpp that is no longer needed. This tool guides you through the full marketing analysis process and interpretation of the results. Providing clear market insights for well-educated corporate, marketing, sales and product development decisions.


Proper internal and external analysis as input for your strategic questions

More and more organizations are implementing marketing automation to optimize campaigns and operational marketing spent. But where do you get your relevant insights for the more strategic questions: which markets to focus on, products to improve as quick wins and ones to focus on to make your portfolio future-proof?


Based on proven marketing models, SpotOpp provides input for corporate strategy, budget allocation or investment prioritization. This user-friendly took optimizes the most time-consuming marketing activity. As a result allowing for more effective operations. Furthermore it helps you focus your sales efforts on markets with the highest potential and provides relevant input for the Roadmap. Moving from data to actionable information in the shortest time-frame.


Experience the benefits

SpotOpp provides a self-service analysis tool and consultancy for business decisions. Thus creating value, saving costs and minimizing risk. Cover all relevant elements of your internal and external analysis with a clear workflow. Secure market knowledge within the organization and strengthen it by using various contributors. Ensures a close collaboration between Marketing and Sales and save time by easily reuse and update gathered insights.


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