The tool to optimize your most time-consuming marketing activity

When you operate in several markets, have an extensive portfolio or both, your marketing analysis can be complex and time consuming. But you need reliable market insights. So you can focus your strategy on durable competitive advantage and your campaigns on relevant product-market-combinations.

SpotOpp is a self-service analysis tool. Providing you with the marketing intelligence you need and guiding your team through the process. Perform a proper marketing analysis and get insight in the potential of each product-market combination. Move from data to actionable information in the shortest time-frame. With less effort.

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Why use SpotOpp for your marketing strategy

Optimum operations

Insights for the full marketing mix with various contributors and proven models.

Clear workflow

Perform a full internal and external analysis while getting assisted with clear instructions.

Save time

Save time by combining strategic and operational analyses and re-using insights year after year.

Actionable outcomes

Move from data to actionable information for well-educated decisions.

How it works

Set your standards

Set up SpotOpp to match your needs: define your products, markets you operate in, marketing models to use and factors that are key to success.

Enter your input

For every product-market-combination you are guided through a set of multiple choice questions. Select the appropriate option to describe the current situation.

Analyze and use the results

Your answers contribute to a score for the potential of your product per market. This score is presented in a clear graph and linked to a suggested strategy. Helping you decide on required actions.

Need help with the input or interpretation? Get a quote for a consultant.

Want to use SpotOpp for other activities?

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