Optimize your most time-consuming marketing activity

When you operate in several markets, have an extensive portfolio, or both, the process of a marketing analysis can be complex and time consuming.
But you need reliable market insights. To focus your strategy on getting a durable competitive advantage and your campaigns on relevant product-market-combinations. SpotOpp reduces the complexity of the analysis process by guiding contributors through the analysis process and providing clear market insights at the level of detail you need.
Marketing strategy

Why use SpotOpp for your marketing strategy

  • In- and external analysis for all your product-market combinations.
  • Keep the overview and spot all opportunities.
  • Create a strong strategy for optimum marketing operations.
  • Proven marketing models and instructions throughout the process.
  • Reduce resistance of contributors and time spent on instructions.
  • Save time by combining strategic and product-market analyses.
  • Increased reliability by input from various sources and contributors.
  • Actionable outcomes in various levels of reporting.

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