You can gather and process initial data from your customers’ organization faster and more easily. Customized to your modus operandi.

SpotOpp organizes, digitizes and visualizes all relevant data. A process that can be a challenge due to:

  • Fragmentation or absence of input
  • Relative large time consumption bringing input together
  • Lack of insight on process, hence logics of outcome

Operational Excellence for your advise

That’s why we created SpotOpp; so your customer can provide you the right input and will immediately identify with the results you present, as they recognize the relevance and effect of the included factors.

Including your customer in the process has shown to lead to a strong collaboration. With recurring advise activities, rather than a one-time solution for their current question.

Automate your analysis

SpotOpp is a recognized method for holistic market analysis. Using proven models and digitizing the process for fast results & flexibility.

SpotOpp reduces your time spent on administrative and graphical activities. So you can focus on truly adding value: evaluating your customer’s market approach, identifying new opportunities and shaping their strategy.


Add value

Definition, strategy & research instead of admin


Stand out

Professional dashboards, no cloud-development costs


Open the black-box

Show the full picture to explain the optimum strategy


Create recurrence

Continuous, agile strategy collaboration


Explore product-market combinations from every possible angle

A user-friendly questionnaire ensures you get the right input from the right people, while saving time and effort.

The clear dashboard will immediately show all opportunities and sweet spots. So you can identify priorities and determine actions to improve market-fit.

And guide your customer towards cost-efficient commercial success by optimizing the product roadmap, marketing mix, and sales activities.

Talk to a specialist

Collaborate with your customer



Collect insights across your customer’s company with a reliable analysis framework



Specify gathered assumptions with market data and relevant in-depth research



Use the dashboard to clearly show opportunities & your suggestions to improve market-fit

Find out how SpotOpp works for you