Assess your business

For your corporate strategy, annual budget allocation or investment prioritization you need to assess the potential of your business. But gathering the relevant input from many sources and departments, in a format that allows you to actually compare results company-wide, often takes longer than you can afford. SpotOpp guides your team through the analysis process, providing you with the market insights you need. Faster and less time consuming for your team.
Corporate strategy

Why use SpotOpp for your corporate strategy

  • Compare all your product-market combinations.
  • Base your strategy on market insights and sales figures.
  • Allocate resources based on potential.
  • Proven marketing models and instructions throughout the process.
  • Optimum collaboration Marketing and Sales.
  • Reduced analysis lead time by re-using insights year after year.
  • Secure the market knowledge within your organization.
  • Actionable outcomes in various levels of reporting.

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