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Showing your customers the full picture

Including your customer in the strategy process has shown to lead to a strong collaboration. With recurring advise activities, rather than a one-time solution for their current question. And a higher acceptance rate of your advise as they will identify with the results you present. A digital solution helps you gather and process initial data from your customers’ organization faster and more easily.

Increase acceptance of your advise with clear dashboards

Increase acceptance of your advise with clear dashboards

Add value

Focus on definition, strategy & specific research instead of admin activities

Stand out

Present professional dashboards, without cloud-development costs

Open the black-box

Show the full picture to explain the optimum strategy


Ensuring buy-in and alignment between departments

Involved customer

A strategy based on co-creation is activated faster


With continuous updates you'll get an agile strategy collaboration

Show the most attractive segments and best approach

The SpotOpp self-service strategy platform helps gather complete insights through proven models and a structured process. So, rather than spending time admin activities, you can truly add value: evaluating your customer’s market approach, identifying new opportunities and shaping their strategy.


1. Collaborate

Gather relevant data across your company with a user-friendly questionnaire

Include your customer in your strategy process with SpotOpp in four stages:

1. Collaborate

2. Validate

3. Decide

4. Grow

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