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Accessing the platform

How do I access SpotOpp?

You can access the SpotOpp platform by clicking the button in your welcome email and choosing a password of your choice.

Once you have chosen your password you can access the platform by typing the link in your searchbar ( or by clicking the ‘log in’ button at the top of the SpotOpp website (

How do I get my password?

You can choose a password by clicking the ‘create password’ button in your welcome email.

Can’t see the button? You can copy the full link at the bottom of the email.

What if I get an error notice when choosing my password?

Type in your browser bar and click the ‘Forgot your password?’ button in the bottom right area. You will receive an email with a link that will help you choose your (new) password.

If you choose the ‘Forgot your password?’ button more than once make sure to use the most recent reset email, because every attempt to reset will overwrite the link of the previous one!


How do I start using SpotOpp?

The onboarding process will guide you through the steps to set up SpotOpp for your business. First you define the products you wish to include in your analysis. Then you define the markets.

After completing the onboarding process you will be guided through a set of questions for every product-market-combination. These provide the relevant input for the marketing models. You’ll see the outcomes of your answers in a clear visual to help you decide on required actions and define your strategy.


How do I start performing an analysis?

After you’ve entered the products and markets you want to analyze at the settings you can start performing your first analysis. In the left part of the screen you’ll see the highest level of what you’ve entered at the settings. So if you work with business units, you’ll see those first. Click on a business unit to see the level below it and work your way down up to and including the country to reach the relevant questionnaire.

From the questionnaire answer the questions that you want to include in the results, save them and click the view results button to see the outcome.

How do I go from one analysis to the next one?

You can move from one questionnaire to the next one by using the ‘bread crums’ in the green bar above your analysis. The bar shows you for which product and country you are doing your analysis, and the higher-level categories that led you there.

If you want to go to another country for the same product, click on the name of your product to see the list of available countries, and on a specific country to move to the questionnaire for that country.

To move to a product that falls under another product group, click the next higher level (either category or business unit name) and from the listed product groups work your way down to the relevant product.

You can also select the ‘data entry’ icon in the left bar to move to the top of your options. So, if you’ve entered business units you’ll see them listed here and you can click the one you want to work your way down to the relevant product and market.

Is my data safe?

Your data is safely stored at our cloud provider, at a server segment specifically for you, so you can be sure that no other but you can access it. This also means that if you want certain (parts of) information removed from your analysis, you will have to delete them yourself. If you stop using SpotOpp we will remove the entire segment with your information. This information cannot be retrieved.