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How do I start using SpotOpp?  

The onboarding process will guide you through the steps to set up SpotOpp for your business. First you will define the products you wish to include in your analysis. If you work with business units, categories and/or product groups, you can add them so you can see the results at those levels too. Then you define your markets, followed by the marketing models that will help you determine the attractiveness of each product for every specific market.  As every market knows certain factors that can make or break you, you will end the set up process by choosing the Key Success Factors for your business.

After the onboarding proces you will be guided through a set of questions for every product-market-combination. These provide the relevant input for the marketing models you have chosen. You will see the outcomes of your answers in a clear visual to help you decide on required actions and define your strategy.

For more details please watch the SpotOpp setup instruction video.


Why should I indicate Business Units, categories and/or product groups?

If you work with business units, categories and/or product groups classifications within your organization, you can see the results at those levels too by selecting and defining them in the settings area.

If for instance you only work with software, hardware and consultancy and have products in each of these groups, you can use these descriptions at any of the 3 grouping levels. If you however also work with Business Units, make sure to enter your BU at the correct level and enter the other grouping at categories.


Which factors can I use for my external analysis?

To analyze the attractiveness of a market for your product, you can evaluate:

  • Macro trends, the external forces at country level (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal situation);
  • The market, the local situation of the potential buyer (size & growth and their specific needs and behavior).
  • The industry, the local competitive forces (bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, intensity of rivalry, pressure from substitute products and threat of new entrants).


Which factors can I use for my internal analysis?

To analyze the competitive power of your product in that market, you can use:

  • Your market share and growth and the loyalty of your customers to determine how well your product is doing in a market;
  • Your marketing mix (your product, distribution, pricing and promotion) and your brand to evaluate the suitability of your market approach;
  • Your cost position and/or profit margin to evaluate the financials of your product.


Why should I indicate Key Success Factors?

Key Success Factors are factors that are required for market participation (market enablers), that increase the likelihood to become a key market player (market qualifiers) or pose practical issues making successful market entry difficult (business qualifiers). To make sure you include them in your analysis, mark them here so they will be compulsory fields in the data entry part of the analysis.


How do I see my report?

You can see the data entry results in a table by saving your answers and clicking the view results button in the top right corner. Once you have completed data entry for at least 2 countries you can also see the total result there in a graph and select which of the markets you operate in to be visible.


How do I go to a different level of report?

After you have entered data for at least 2 countries you can see the graph report for these countries. You will see all countries linked to the next higher group, so if you use product groups you will see all products for the active product group, if you don’t use product groups but categories yuu will see all products for that category, etc. To see another group or level go to the data entry area, click on the levels until you have reached the level you want to see and select the report icon next to the progresss counter.


Is my data safe?

Your data is safely stored at at cloud provider, at a server segment specifically for you, so you can be sure that no other but you can access it. This also means that if you want certain (parts of) information removed from your analysis, you will have to delete them yourself. If you stop using SpotOpp we will remove the entire segment with your information. This information cannot be retrieved.