Frequently Asked Questions

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Requesting your licence

How do I get a free SpotOpp student licence?

If you are a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) you can request your free student licence by clicking the button at the top of this page and completing the form. Note that you can only request a licence with your email account.

Why can I only get a licence with my hva email account?

The free SpotOpp student account is currently only available for students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). That is why you can only request one with your email account.

Not a HvA student but interested in a free student account? Let your school contact us to discuss a partnership.

Why do I have to indicate my teacher and class when applying?

An analysis in SpotOpp combines the input from different contributors to increase reliability of the outcome. We call that the Wikipedia principle.

In class you will learn about the strategic market analysis and can then use SpotOpp to practice this analysis with a case. The input and results are aggregated per class, as would be done for instance for a business unit in an organization, rather than the entire school. This way you can clearly see the effect of your analysis in a business setup.

Why do I need to request for a second licence for my thesis?

An analysis in SpotOpp combines the input from different contributors that are linked to a specific account (normally this is a company, but for the student account this is the school). For your thesis you’ll perform an analysis for a real, existing company.

To ensure you only include input from and show this -privacy sensitive- info to employees from that company you’ll need to get a separate licence for your thesis. This licence will only be linked to that organization, and not your school. If the organization gives you permission you can grant access to your teacher by adding them as a user.

You can only request a free licence with your school email. You should request your thesis licence with your email address by adding ‘+1’ just before the (so right after your name). If the thesis organization wants to keep using SpotOpp after you have finished, they can simply request a licence and we will transfer the account to a paid one. This way they won’t lose any of the valuable input you have already collected for them and future analyses will be a breeze!