About SpotOpp

SpotOpp® provides SaaS technology and expertise so executives can spot opportunities fast and easy. Our management platform automates the strategic market analysis and accelerates success across the organization. SpotOpp guides you through a complete external and internal analysis and shows the potential of each product-market-combination. Make well-educated strategic decisions based on your product/service-market-fit.

Our mission

SpotOpp provides SaaS technology and expertise to empower executives. So they can connect to their opportunities, whether they are planning their sales expansion, product development, investments or funding rounds, etc. This goes beyond just gathering insights. It also ensures that every team member understands their role, believes that it matters, and feels pride in contributing—the three core ingredients of motivation.

We feel decisions that shape the future of organizations and their employees should not be taken based merely on gut feeling or limited insights. Therefore, we want to make the strategic marketing analysis so easy it doesn’t really make sense not to perform one anymore. From our founding in 2018, we have been passionate about creating the best solution. We are dedicated to automating and accelerating the complete lifecycle of strategic market analyses. We want to be your partner in unleashing your potential through clear visibility and lasting collection of all the relevant data for strategic decisions.

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction”

Kenichi Ohmae

Meet our partners

The SpotOpp Partner Network combines our modern strategic market analysis platform with partner expertise—leading the automation of marketing and connecting teams to their organization’s greatest opportunities.

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